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Breeders of the Huacaya Alpaca and Producers of Fine, Luxury Fiber
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Craig (Linkedin profile) and Krista (Linkedin profile) Pastrone, both graduates of MIT, started Saint Isidore's Alpacas in 2006. Our approach has been to carefully select sires and dams from the most successful breeding programs to capitalize on their achievements and cultivate an exceptional herd. We are focusing on several prepotent blood line combinations, the most notable being: 4Peruvian Legacy, Snowmaster, Vengador, Quechua, Hemingway, Bueno, Caligula, Royal Fawn, and Guellermo.  This proved to be a successful starting point for us as we observe the genetic development of our herd and have received positive feedback from other breeders and the show ring.


Having technical backgrounds, we find the genetic possibilities exciting and incorporate statistical information into our breeding decision process.   To that end, we strive to collect as much data as we can on our breeding animals. We are impressed with the skin biopsy analysis and use biopsy data to evaluate true density and S/P ratio.  We publish this data on our website as it becomes available.   This reflects our philosophy of total "transparency" with respect to our program and our animals; we want to be as up-front and clear with clients and potential clients about the characteristics of our animals so as to assist others in making sound breeding decisions. 


The first and primary reason we started the farm was to give our children a great environment in which to grow up. The farming lifestyle affords tremendous opportunities for children to learn not only practical skills, such as carpentry (there’s always a need for another building!), land management, and animal husbandry, but also to develop character through hard work, physical exercise, responsibility, and care for other living creatures.   The varied activities and experiences that are a natural part of running an alpaca farm, such as training, showing, travel, observing and participating in specialized veterinary care, and interaction with the public for education and sales, all provide wonderful real-life skills for whatever walks of life the children may choose. Raising any livestock also affords many chances to encounter the inevitable cycles of life, from the wonder of birth and new life to the disappointment and loss of illness and death. All this was the primary driving vision behind our decision to raise alpacas.


We are intrigued by the genetic, scientific side of the whole breeding/selection process, and we hope to maintain progress through the intelligent use of all the objective testing techniques that are available to guide us in our breeding choices.   However, we do realize that at the end of the day, notwithstanding all the research, data, and careful planning, there is still a bit of art and mystery in the whole affair, and that is part of what makes breeding these animals truly exciting!


We are a proud member of ARI, AOBA, Openherd, the Ideal Alpaca Community, and Local Harvest.

We are located in Lunenburg, MA, about 40 miles outside of Boston.